By this project we are supporting the art career of Laszlo Otto (his painting and exhibitions creating) in 2017/18:

• Solo exhibition in »Resident Art Budapest« in March 2017

• Solo exhibition in »Galerie Leonhard«+»Spectra Konkret« in Graz  in April 2017

• Two person exhibitions in »Galerie La Ligne« in Zürich in June 2017

• Solo exhibition in »Galerie Renate Kammer« in Hamburg in Autumn 2017

• Group exhibition in »Museum Wilhelm Morgner« in »SchrothSpace« in Soest (Germany) in Autumn 2017. (Jo Kuhn and colleagues…)

• Solo exhibition in »Museum Gallery« of Janus Pannonius Museum Pecs (Museum Gallery, in Pecs, Kaptalan street 4) in 2018/2019

• Solo exhibition in »ByArt Gallery« in Budapest in 2017/2018 




About Laszlo Otto's painting


We would like to thank you very much for your past and future financial support as well as for your moral support and your ideas and actions!